Shipping Container Student Housing in Amsterdam

While planning  our Connex office park in Fort Worth, we took a trip to The Netherlands to take a close look at the famous shipping container project – Keetwonen student housing in Amsterdam.

The first impression was amazing. In distance, thousands of orange containers stacking together five stories tall in blocks with big windows, pitched roofs and balconies. The design of the building blocks made it appear more like a regular building. If one wouldn’t pay close attention, one might miss the fact that they were all built using conventional shipping containers.

Entering through a secure gate, we had a chance to walk on the metal stairs connecting the buildings and look inside individual units through cantilevered exterior hallways. Each units contains its own bathroom, kitchen, separate sleeping and study areas. Additionally, the building complex includes a cafe, supermarket and office space.

I was truly impressed by the scale of this project when seeing it in person. Thoughts of our own Connex project came to mind, and I felt we can definitely learn from this project in the following ways:

  • The use of the color selection – more colors can be used to show the dynamic of the building
  • The maintenance and up-keeping of the building such as rust treatment
  • The choice of using pre-assembling window units
  • Safety and security