What is connex and why shipping containers?

When the idea of building a office park for small businesses materialized in our minds, using shipping containers as building blocks seemed to make excellent scense. During a early visit to a local container yard, we causally learnt the word “conex”, which is the technical term for shipping container. Consequently, the name “Connex” was born, “connexing” small businesses in a sustainable and creative environment.

Using shipping containers as an architectural element is a very enticing proposition. These units are built to hold up 2000lbs of cargo. Furthermore, they can be stacked up to 10 units tall. Along with all these benefits, also come numerous challenges. These include: integration of mechanical systems, reduced cellphone reception, and above all, the user experience and psychological effect of being in a relatively small space.

In the following blogs, we will further delve into solutions for tackling these among other obstacles.